In Honor of all Servicemen and Servicewomen

Past, Present, Future

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Bob Madden

2021 President's Message​​

A Message from our President

Cost of Freedom, Inc., celebrated its 16th year of honoring those that serve or who have served their country honorably.  We are a family of Veterans and patriotic supporters of those that protect and defend our nation’s greatest treasure – freedom. 

In addition to celebrating with over 100 Servicemen and women at the annual Army-Navy game, the Cost of Freedom team has reached out to families in need in Brunswick, Asheville, Atlanta, and Cincinnati, and sponsored a Veteran Appreciation weekend in November at John Engemann Theater in Northport, NY.

In memory of the 13 Soldiers we lost in Afghanistan in August, 2021, Cost of Freedom sponsored a service dog “Max,” named for Navy Hospital Corpsman Maxton W. Soviak.  We also hosted two Gold Star families, an honor no one desires to receive, and named a second puppy “Gettings,” in memory of Cpl Albert P. Gettings, USMC. We must never forget those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Cost of Freedom, Inc. promotes core values and attempts to equip the next generation with theme messages like "Character Matters," "If Not Me, Then Who…," "Make a Difference," and, "We Must Never Forget."

Our theme for 2021 was “A Higher Calling.”  What does that mean to us?

There are a unique group of individuals that have received a special calling to serve and protect the lives and livelihoods of others. They include our first responders, clergy, law enforcement, teachers, volunteer organizations, and many others… 

But the nation’s largest group of self-sacrificing heroes can be found in our military. Being part of this selfless envoy, the military profession takes a call to greatness, a desire to serve others and to act on behalf of the greater good. Our Veterans bear a significant cost to achieve freedom – the sacrifice of family separation, forgoing financial opportunities, as well as frontline exposure to loss of life or limb. Sacrificing one’s all to safeguard our nation’s greatest treasure is a noble cause. The willingness to pay the ultimate price in serving one’s neighbors sets the standard of the military profession in a class by itself. This is the Cost of Freedom story – it is about serving others!  Making a difference!  It wrings of honor, courage, commitment, sacrifice, and respect for your fellow man.  It is a power greater than self - a higher calling.

Our Board of Directors

Bob Madden, Co-Founder and President
Ron Stowell, Co-Found and Treasurer
Paul Huck, Secretary
Bob Zimmerman, Military Liaison
Hugh Blomeke
Gretchen Evans
Deanna Filosa Samaritano

COF Board Member, Deanna Filosa, was awarded a $25,000 Community Service Award by MassMutual.