In Honor of all Servicemen and Servicewomen

Past, Present, Future

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The annual Cost of Freedom Weekend at the Army~Navy game has arrived with a theme of “Field of Honor.” We can expect to observe patriotism in the fans, the Brigade, the Corps throughout the weekend. As a result of the progression and growth of what we are doing, Cost of Freedom is now a tax-exempt organization, with a primary mission to benefit certain selected military veterans in a manner that “gives back” to those who have given so much to protect and defend the freedom of the United States and its citizens. This weekend is one in which we honor several Marines and Soldiers, and their family guests, in an impressive manner. This is also a weekend in which all attending USNA ’72 classmates of the 27th Company are able to reunite, reminisce and create new memories with each other and with our honored veterans.

The right to enjoy freedom comes with responsibility and accountability. Collectively, we as a nation have the responsibility to maintain our way of life, defend our borders and interests, and ensure that all this is available to our children and grandchildren without a huge burden of fiscal debt. U.S. service men and women know that the fight for U.S. interests and freedom is a responsible one, but regrettably one that comes at a huge personal cost to those who have suffered wounds in battle. Their sense and expression of Honor, Commitment and Courage in the line of duty represent a lesson for all of us. We offer a passionate THANK YOU for all that you have done and hope your time with us makes a small positive difference in your lives.

As we USNA classmates meet again this weekend, our sense of camaraderie will become stronger. Each of us will be privileged to get to know our honored servicemen this weekend. Every new friendship formed between the class of 1972 or our guests, and the honored veterans and their families can represent a strengthening of our promise of freedom and way of life in the U.S. We appreciate all who have joined together to celebrate the meaning of this Cost of Freedom Weekend while surrounding the football field of honor in support of a Navy victory. BEAT ARMY!!​

— Ron Stowell

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