In Honor of all Servicemen and Servicewomen

Past, Present, Future

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2018 Fair Winds and following seas  

This is the thirteenth annual Cost of Freedom Weekend at the Army~Navy football game and as in the past, we emphasize a theme; this year our theme is, “Warrior Spirit.”  The weekend is one in which we honor our “warriors” and their families that have served our country in the Marine Corps, Navy, and Army.  It is our way of saying thank you to those that have sacrificed their life and limb for a cause greater than self. 
A Warrior has been defined as a person who specializes in combat.  All military branches train their service members to that end. But in a broader sense, warriors are those people who are engaged in any conflict, cause, or other activity that needs to be overcome.  A warrior is one who displays courage in the face of danger – not an easy task, but they do it.  Warriors are often pushed to their limits as they take care of each other -Warrior on the left; Warrior on the right. It has been said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

More important, warriors are passionate people. Warriors love their family, their country, their battle buddies, their flag, and their faith.  Warriors will not allow the enemy to hurt what they hold dear because of their sense of pride, teamwork, and loyalty to each other.  They also cherish important values such as Character, Respect, Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  Warriors appreciate the value of life; and respect death.  Although warriors have fears like everyone else, they are called upon to make sacrifices, up to and including their own lives for their mission.
Our country was founded by warriors who sought freedom from tyranny.  Our nation has fought several wars in the name of “freedom.”  The responsibility of maintaining that freedom has been handed down from generation to generation.  Our warriors today are the vanguard of that responsibility, ensuring our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy these freedoms in the future.  Too many citizens today take our freedom for granted, believing freedom is free – an entitlement, not realizing the true cost of that freedom.  Our honored veterans/warriors and their families know all too well the personal cost, be it emotional, social, financial, and/or family.  Defending our country and protecting our freedom is not an easy task and it is the 1% that take on the task on behalf of all Americans.  We offer a heartfelt THANK YOU for all you have done and hope your time with us makes a lasting difference in your lives.

The primary mission of Cost of Freedom is to benefit military veterans in a manner that “gives back” to these Warrior heroes who have given so much to protect, defend and preserve the freedom of the United States and its citizens.  We are thrilled and honored to have you participate this weekend. 

 USNA Class of 1972 classmates and their spouses have forged a bond that has continually been reinforced as we celebrate with our honored veterans/warriors the true meaning of Cost of Freedom. 

                                                          Bob Madden and Ron Stowell
                                                                December 2018