In Honor of all Servicemen and Servicewomen

Past, Present, Future

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​​​​As we enter our 11th year of Cost of Freedom Weekends, we reflect on the past traditions and spirit of our Founding Fathers and the brave men and women that built our country based on two noble core values: Sacrifice and Courage

We also look to the present and at our Corps of Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors that continue to represent those core values that remain the foundation of both our country and our military.  And we look forward to a new vision of American Democracy...

Presidents come and go and they each bring their own nuances to how our country should be shaped.  However, the Constitution and the steadiness of our Armed Forces remain stalwarts in a world that runs rampant with upheaval and change.

Who are these people?  Are they fearless heroes with strength of character above and beyond the everyday American?  I don’t believe so.  These Servicemen and Servicewomen have the same hopes and plans as everyone; but, in time of crisis or danger; and in spite of fear, they are called to take action in an attempt to triumph over their situation.

We are fortunate to have with us, this weekend, Alexander Hamilton, aka William Chrystal, who represents how sacrifice and courage were instrumental in the birth of America.  Also here today are:

LCpl Matias Ferrara, USMC, who was injured by an IED blast in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  He sustained bilateral below-the-knee amputations and a pelvic fracture.  This was not enough to keep a good man down.  A year after his injuries, Matias was called into action when he risked his own safety, sprinting on his prosthetic legs to save a baby from a smoking car in Queens, NY.  Matias has recently joined the Nassau County Police Force, protecting the community and those he loves.

Sgt. John Peck, USMC, who was wounded in Iraq, suffering traumatic brain injury and memory loss; but who returned to full duty and was wounded again in Afghanistan, resulting in the amputation of his legs and eventually parts of both arms.  John’s courage extends to allowing himself to be a pioneer in the field of limb transplants.  He recently received a double arm transplant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. 

Corporal Sean Adams, USMC, who was assigned to the task of Combat Engineer right out of boot camp, patrolling for IEDs on a narrow goat path, where it had recently rained, washing out clues of buried bombs.  He identified an IED and moved forward to locate and mark it, carrying a metal detector as well as his M-4.  The metal detector failed to identify a 2nd IED and Corporal Adams stepped on it, causing injuries to both hands and the amputation of both legs.  Today, despite his situation, his priority is to help other veterans through his involvement in American Warrior Garage, working to provide retrofitting services to vets who need vehicles modified to enable them  to be able to drive their vehicles themselves and “Serving Honor and Need” with Gary Sinise.

Sacrifice and Courage:  The Pillars of Liberty
Cost of Freedom Weekends are designed to show our appreciation for those that had the courage to raise their hands and to swear to defend our Constitution.  Cost of Freedom Weekends are designed to honor the families of those that have made sacrifices that allow us to pursue the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Our fighting soldiers, sailors and airmen have lived these words throughout the history of our nation; and when necessary, have died for them. A debt is owed that cannot be forgotten or repaid.
Cost of Freedom Weekend is just a small token of our appreciation to all who have serve their country.

Bob Madden & Ron Stowell

2016 Fair winds and following seas...