In Honor of all Servicemen and Servicewomen

Past, Present, Future

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2014 following seas...

This is the ninth annual Cost of Freedom Weekend at the Army~Navy game and we have selected a theme of “Still in the Fight.” This weekend is one in which we honor several Marines and Soldiers, and their family guests, in a very unique and memorable manner. Additionally, this weekend is one in which all attending USNA ’72 classmates are able to create new memories with each other and with our honored veterans.

When researching our theme, I learned about the Mike Corrado song titled “Still in the Fight.” No doubt each of our recuperating veterans live through the chorus of this song every day.

“And I’m still in the fight

Been knocked down

But I will be alright
And I’m still by your side
I may seem broken, but I am whole inside
I’m still here
I’m still in the fight.”

Some of this weekend’s honored veterans have

injuries that are physical in nature, while some are

related to post traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury,

or other issues. These veterans, heroes every one, must

continue to fight through their rehabilitation process and

therapy. These veterans must constantly deal with their

very personal effects of America’s fight for freedom. We

know you are Still in this new Fight of rehabilitation and

want you to know that your newly found Cost of Freedom Weekend friends support you and may be able to be of assistance to you. The primary mission of Cost of Freedom is to benefit certain selected military veterans in a manner that “gives back” to those who have given so much to protect and defend the freedom of the United States and its citizens. We are extremely grateful to have you participate this weekend.

At the risk of repeating some of my thoughts from last year ..... Our country was founded by people who sought freedom. As a nation we have responsibility to maintain our freedoms, defend our borders and interests, and ensure that our children and grandchildren can do the same without a huge burden of fiscal debt. Our nation needs to continue the fight for the safety of its citizens and for their freedom. Many people today take our freedom for granted, and many people think freedom is free. Our honored veterans and their families know all too well that there is a tremendous personal cost for those who have served or who have suffered wounds in defense of our country and our freedoms. We offer a heartfelt THANK YOU for all you have done and hope your time with us makes a lasting difference in your lives.

We USNA ’72 classmates have forged a bond that has continually been reinforced over all these years. We share a unique formative experience and connection from our days in the Yard on the Severn. Each of us feels privileged to get to know our honored servicemen and servicewomen this weekend, and to join them as we celebrate the meaning of this Cost of Freedom Weekend. And for those of us wearing the Blue and Gold, a Navy victory will put the finishing touches on a great time. BEAT ARMY!!

— Ron Stowell