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2009 Fair Winds...

The unfortunate and unbelievable terrorist event that occurred at Ft. Hood, Texas as well as the news of severe injuries suffered by the Marine Captain son of one of our classmates both serve as reminders that there definitely is a Cost to our freedom. I would like to ask for a moment of silence in memory and honor of all those who have fallen or been severely affected by terrorists’ activities in the U.S. and throughout the world.......

This fourth annual Cost of Freedom weekend at the Army~Navy game is another opportunity for us to honor the young men and women who have made a tremendous personal sacrifice in defending our freedoms and the interests of our great country. We are forever grateful for everything our service men and women do every day they are in uniform, and especially when in harm’s way on a Field of Valor. Their sense of Honor, Commitment and Courage, as well as their dedication to their mission and team members have created a much safer world for everyone. This weekend we are honoring several soldiers and Marines who have been tested in battle as our means of symbolically paying tribute to the over 40,000 men and women in the U.S. military services who have served and either been killed or wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan. While it is very difficult for any words to properly and completely express our gratitude for their service and sacrifice, we offer a heart-felt THANK YOU! to our honored military guests for all they have done and for having the power of body and mind to recover their strength and normal lives.

I feel privileged to be able to meet and get to know our honored servicemen this weekend. Every new friendship formed between our two generations can represent a strengthening of our promise of freedom and way of life in the U.S. As we USNA classmates meet again, I hope we recognize that our friendships, like a fine wine, only get better over time. We appreciate all who have joined together to celebrate the meaning of this Cost of Freedom weekend and to cheer Navy on to a solid victory. BEAT ARMY!!​

— Ron Stowell

In Honor of all Servicemen and Servicewomen

Past, Present, Future